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How to use freezer paper to cut fleece or wool felt

posted on 6/5/18

Trying to cut fleece (or wool felt) in perfect shape is no easy task, this is when freezer paper comes in handy.  This post shows you how to cut fleece or wool felt using freezer paper.

What is freezer paper?

Freezer Paper is a two-sided utility paper that can be found at the grocery store (with the saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc.).   One side of the freezer paper is waxy and the other side is paper.   
The waxy side works to temporarily “fuse”  the freezer paper to the fleece (or wool felt) when ironed.  It doesn’t leave any residue when it is removed. 

Where to buy freezer paper?

I use Reynolds freezer paper bought from Target for about $4.  It comes in a big roll that’s 75 sq.ft.  A big roll lasts quite a while for me. 

How to use freezer paper?

Here are the steps: 

1.  Materials Needed

Fleece (or wool felt), freezer paper, scissors and pencil

2.  Trace patterns

Trace the wrong side of a pattern on the paper side of the freezer paper.  Cut around the lines (not on the lines).  

 3.  Iron freezer paper to fabric  

Place cut freezer paper on the fabric.  Press with iron with low or medium heat for about 2 seconds.

4.  Cut out pattern shapes

Cut on the lines with sharp scissors.

5.  Remove freezer paper

Cut fleece


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