Selling finished dolls/softies

There’s no limit to the number of dolls and/or softies you make from Smitten Dolls patterns, list and sell as long as:   

  1.  You purchase the patterns from Smitten Dolls directly.
  2.  You may not share the patterns with anyone.  Please refer them to our website (smittendolls.com) to purchase their own copy.
  3.  All dolls and/or softies are handmade by you.
  4.  Dolls cannot be mass produced in an assembly line by workers in a factory setting and later be sold in large quantities to stores.
  5.  For cottage industry: If there are several people making different parts of a doll and later combining the parts together for your shop, each person must purchase his/her own copy of the pattern.
  6.  For teaching in a class setting: Each person in the class must purchase their own copies.  Please do not share the pattern and split the cost.
  7.  No alternations are made to the dolls and/or softies. For example, you may not take apart from one pattern and combine it with another part from another pattern.
  8.  For selling at a physical location (eg. brick and mortar shops, market stalls, shows, fairs, etc):  Each item must be credited to us except for items that are made for personal use or as a gift.  Please attach a sales tag, to your   finished dolls/softies, with the following text:

    “Made from an Original Smitten Dolls Pattern” (no variations in wording). 
    You must also include a link to our URL:  smittendolls.com.

  9. For online shops or any websites displaying Smitten Dolls items (for selling or for any other purposes):  Each item must be credited to us and with a clickable link to our website in the list description:

    “Made from an Original Smitten Dolls Pattern” (no variations in wording). 
    You must also include a clickable link to our URL:  smittendolls.com.


You are allowed to make some alterations to the dolls/softies that you are selling:

Acceptable alterations

  1.  Mix and match parts of different Smitten Dolls patterns if the finished dolls are for personal use or to give away as a gift.
  2.  Changing the hairstyles or face.
  3.  Reducing or enlarging the pattern sizes.

Unacceptable alterations

  1. Combining Smitten Dolls patterns with other designers patterns.
  2. Taking a Smitten Doll pattern, modify it to create a new doll/softie/accessory and call it something else and as an original pattern.
Online Shop/Social Media
  1.  Our images/listings may be used at your social media sites and blogs as long as there’s a direct link to our website.
  2.  You may not use our images, photos, product listing descriptions and etc from our website in your shop for the sale of your finish dolls.

Other important information

The following are prohibited.

  1.  Reselling and distributing Smitten Dolls patterns electronically or printed.
  2.  Using our images, photos, step-by-step instructions, artwork, text, and designs without our written permission.
  3.  Removing our watermark from our images or photos.
  4.  Altering our patterns and selling them as original designs.
  5.  Reproducing the images of your finished dolls in other fashions (eg. Digitizing, iron-ons, appliques, printing to fabric, screen printing, clip art, scrapbooking, etc.).  Your image should only be used to promote the sale of your finished dolls.   
  6.  Unlocking any PDF file locked with a password.
  7.  Using the name “Smitten Dolls”.
  8.  Selling your finished dolls without crediting us. 

We reserve the right to update our policies without prior notice.  If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us or email us at  [email protected].