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How to backstitch

What is backstitch?

Backstitches are stitches that are sewn backward to the direction of the sewing.  They form lines.  The stitches can as long or as short as you want depends on your project.  In our case, we use back stitches to make a doll’s mouth, eyes, nose, etc.  Below we will show you how to back stitch a straight line.  

How to backstitch


How to backstitch?

Here are the steps:

1.  Place the fabric on an embroidery hoop.  Pull the fabric from all sides so the fabric is flat in the hoop.  Be careful not to overstretch the fabric.

2.  Insert the needle into the fabric from the bottom to the top of the fabric.  Pull the needle/thread away from the fabric.


3.  Insert the needle at position 1 (one stitch away from the thread) to position 2.  Pull the needle/thread.  Position 1 and 2 are also one stitch away.


4.  Insert the needle at the end of the first stitch (position 1) to position 3 which is one stitch away from position 2.  Pull the needle/thread.  

5.  Repeat the stitches.

6.   To finish the last stitch, insert the needle at the end of the previous stitch.  Pull the needle/thread at the back side of the hoop.

7.  Tie a knot on the back side of the fabric/final stitch.


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