Ladder stitch (invisible stitch)

After stuffing the doll, we will ladder stitch the opening to close it up.  The thread is invisible from the outside.  


Here are a diagram and steps showing how to hand embroider the back stitches:   


1. Insert the needle from the inside of the fabric to the outside of the fabric on the fold line (see position 1). 

2.   Insert the needle from position 2 to 3 and pull.

3.  Insert the needle to position 4 and 5 and pull.

  Ladder stitch - insert needle between position 4 and 5

4.  Continue stitching until reaching the other end of the opening.

5.  Tie a knot at the end of the opening.

Ladder stitch - tie a knot  

6.  Insert the needle into the seam so the knot is hidden inside of the seam and pull the needle out elsewhere (see image below).

Ladder stitch - insert needle

7.  Pull the needle/thread away from the fabric, push down the fabric and cut the thread as close to the fabric as possible.  The excess thread will spring back into the fabric.



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